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21 Oct Managed Application Hosting

Our goal with our Managed Application Hosting service is to keep mission-critical websites and other Internet services running in tip-top condition.  With the continual changes in the IT industry, we are always looking for new opportunities to improve our services.

What exactly does our “Managed Application Hosting” service provide?

Web Hosting
We provide the actual servers on which your website runs.  This server is upgraded and maintained without any action from you.  If you’re interested in more control, we also provide a fully-featured Plesk control panel which you can use to manage your email, FTP, and other web services.

Application-level Support
Most managed hosting solutions provide support for the hardware and operating system, but they leave your custom application up to you.  We take that one step further and take responsibility for your application as well.  We ensure that any changes or upgrades to the hosting platform do not adversely impact your website.  And, when an upgrade on our part requires application-level changes, we handle it — at no additional cost to you.  Only this level of support guarantees your web application will continue to run smoothly 24/7.

Application-level Critical Security patches
Off-the-shelf software will, from time-to-time, have critical security patches released.  When Drupal, Django and WordPress releases these patches (“point updates”), at your request we will apply them for whichever major version you are on.  This is done at no cost to you.

24/7/365 monitoring
Our servers are always monitored and alert us to problems so we can fix them as quickly as possible.  Of course, our goal is zero downtime so we go to great lengths to proactively avoid problems in the first place.

Do you backup your website, databases, email, and other files on your server regularly?  Don’t worry — we do!  We’re obsessive about backing up all your data on our server, so we can all sleep better at night.

Disaster Recovery (DR) plan
Even the most secure data center can succumb to a direct hit by a natural or man-made disaster.  A DR plan is something every mission-critical system should have.  To provide DR for your website, we securely backup all data to a separate offsite data center.  In the event of a disaster we can stand up new servers at a different data center, and all your data will be ported over.

Periodic upgrades
Hardware ages and software becomes obsolete.  Periodically we upgrade our servers or even migrate to new servers.  This is all done without cost to you and with minimal interruption.  Benefits to this include better security, new features, and increased performance.  Your website will get faster without any work or increased investment from you!

As a smaller company we work closely with our customers.  Running our own servers allows us accommodate your requests and make customizations specific to you.  Often the only other way to achieve this level of flexibility would be for you to stand up your own server — a costly and potentially high-maintenance option.

Great Communication
As a local company we do our best to always pick up the phone.  You can expect to talk to a real person you know and trust.

As you can see, Information Works Managed Application Hosting is a level of service that far exceeds standard hosting or even managed hosting packages.

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