Ideation Gifts Celebrates 50 years

15 Jul Ideation Gifts Celebrates 50 years

Ideation Gifts, an Ann Arbor, MI-based gift catalog company, celebrated their fiftieth anniversary of doing business.

From their corporate website:

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ideation is the premier gift catalog company in the United States, providing catalog and marketing services to independent gift, toy and fashion retailers nationwide.

The concept for Ideation was created in 1963 when three Michigan gift retailers combined their resources to come up with a better way of planning and promoting their stores. Together they produced a catalog that was mailed directly to customer’s homes and designed to pre-sell gift items and encourage people to visit the store. Once in the store to purchase their catalog selections, they would be exposed to the other gift, toy and fashion merchandise available there. The resulting increase in sales, traffic and profitability for their respective stores proved dramatically that the concept was a success.

Today, Ideation continues to help independent retailers grow and prosper in the same way. The basic concept hasn’t changed, although the group and its strength have grown. Well over 350 stores from coast to coast currently participate in the Ideation catalog programs each year and 95% of them choose to continue the following year.┬áIdeation’s expertise and buying power make a significant difference in the cost of merchandising and advertising for its members. As a result, smart retailers throughout the United States are maintaining their competitive edge in an industry where shrinking profits are becoming all too common.

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